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Hair Transplantation

Although thinning and balding hair is frequently attributed to men, up to 30 million women are also affected by thinning hair. In men, male hormone therapy such as Propecia ® (finesteride) may be effective in the treatment of hair loss. However, Propecia ® (finesteride) is contraindicated in women and may cause birth defects. Minoxidil (Rogaine ®) for women is the only FDA-approved medical treatment for hereditary hair loss in women.

In many cases, women may prefer to have hair transplantation for thinning hair. Hair from the “privileged” sites – areas of the head which rarely lose hair – are harvested and replanted into thinning portions of the head to achieve a fuller hairline.

Hairline restoration using micrografts. Post-op one week. A natural hairline will be restored in six months of hair growth.