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The consistent, natural results in our photo gallery display Dr. Lee’s preeminent skills. With each patient, he exercises the ultimate in aesthetic discretion.



“I take pride in treating each patient with the highest integrity, artistry and service. I will place your interest first and foremost. During the consultation process, I will make my best recommendations based on almost 20 years of experience, but ultimately I am here to achieve what you want within the guidelines that you set for me.”

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The specialists at Enhance® Medical Center are ready to answer any of your cosmetic surgery questions. We are available between the hours of 8am to 5pm Monday – Friday and 10am to 2pm on Saturday. Call now or fill out the contact form to leave us a message.

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A New Approach to Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery for the Asian population is a unique and relatively new field. Many of the plastic surgery techniques that originated in western countries were developed specifically for the Caucasian population. Recognizing this, we at Enhance® Medical Center apply advanced plastic surgical techniques developed specifically for the Asian anatomy to improve the Asian face. As fully trained plastic surgeons, we specialize in Asian eyelid surgery, nose surgery, and jaw reduction. Our goal is to improve your appearance while preserving your cultural identity. We never try to westernize the Asian face and body through cosmetic surgery. Instead, we aim to help our Asian cosmetic surgery patients attain harmony and balance. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.