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What are my options for reducing a prominent jaw?

We offer jaw shaving as well as non-surgical jaw reduction. Non-surgical jaw reduction involves the injection of BOTOX® (botulinum toxin type A) or Myobloc™ (botulinum toxin type B). This type of jaw reduction is a very good alternative to surgery because it carries fewer risks.

How long will the effects of non-surgical jaw reduction last?

Results vary depending on the patient. On average, the effects of BOTOX® are visible for 6 months. If we inject you with a double or triple dose of BOTOX®, the results will usually last 9-12 months. Sometimes non-surgical jaw reduction can lead to permanent results. Permanent results are more likely in patients whose jaw muscles were not originally large, but grew thick with aging.

BOTOX® injections also appear to cause permanent results in those with a medical condition called benign masseteric hypertrophy, which is characterized by pain and enlargement of the jaw muscle. For most patients, I recommend two injections per year for about 3 years. After this point, the results of further injections last quite a long time.

Can lasers be used on Asian skin?

For many Asian patients, lasers can cause skin discoloration. Therefore, we are very careful when we do decide to use laser treatment on Asian skin. We use a special laser and pay special attention to skin treatment before and after the procedure. Pretreatment with Retin A® and hydroquinone, a bleaching agent, helps to minimize the risk of skin discoloration.

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What is your preferred breast enhancement method for Asian women?

The usual incisions in the breast fold or areola lead to prominent scarring in Asians; therefore, we prefer to make an incision within the nipple itself when performing Asian breast surgery. When this method of Asian breast augmentation is used, the nipple usually heals with almost no scarring.