Face Overview

Since your face is the most visible part of yourself, it is understandable that facial features are common areas of concern. Unlike your body, which you can cover with clothing, your face is almost always exposed. Feeling self-conscious about your facial aspects can make it difficult to enjoy life fully.

Dr. Charles S. Lee offers Asian face surgeries to help men and women feel more confident and happy with their appearance.

Whether you are looking to improve your brow, eyes, nose, cheeks, jaw, or chin, Dr. Lee can help. Check out our Asian plastic surgery before and after image gallery to see the extraordinary results offered with Asian facial plastic surgery.

Asian Eyelid Surgery

Many Asian men and women lack the natural double eyelid fold in the upper eyelid. Additionally, with age, the eyelids begin to sag, creating an older, angry appearance. Eyelid surgery and double eyelid surgery for Asian patients is performed to create a double eyelid structure while achieving a younger-looking appearance.Eyelid surgery is performed using the non-incisional or anchor incisional technique. The non-incision technique is best for patients with minor asymmetries and sagging needing to be corrected. The anchor incisional technique is performed on patients looking to create a double eyelid crease. Both of these techniques provide patients with brighter, younger-looking eyes.

Recovery from non-incision eyelid surgery is minimal, lasting roughly two to three days. The recovery from incisional eyelid surgery will take one to two weeks.

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Asian Asian Rhinoplasty

Many Asian patients believe their nose is too small and looks disproportionate to their other facial features. Patients undergo Asian rhinoplasty surgery to help reshape and resize their noses, creating a more balanced appearance. While nose surgery is a common procedure for all ethnicities, the same techniques used for Caucasian rhinoplasty will not benefit Asian patientsDue to ethnic differences, rhinoplasty for Asian patients requires specialized surgical techniques. During Asian rhinoplasty, Dr. Lee will likely need to use cartilage from your ear or a rib graft to increase the nose’s size. By increasing the size, patients can achieve a more attractive, prominent nose.

A splint will be placed on your nose for one week after surgery to hold it in place. Patients can typically return to work as soon as the splint is removed.

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Asian Cheek Reduction

Due to Asian bone structure, large cheeks can give the face a chubby, square appearance. Many Asian patients undergo cheek reduction to create a more defined, sculpted look.Cheek reduction surgery is performed by shaving down the cheekbones and removing the buccal pads. Shaving down the cheekbones gives the face a more contoured look while removing the buccal pads slims out the face. After surgery, Asian patients can expect more defined cheeks and more noticeable facial angles.

Recovery from Asian cheek reduction can last a few weeks. For the first few days after surgery, you may need to be on a liquid diet. You should be able to return to work and other responsibilities in a week.

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Asian Bone Shaving

Many people are born with a prominent, masculine jawline that appears disproportionate to their face. Asian jaw reduction shaves down the jaw to narrow the bone structure and create more pleasing contours.Depending on their needs for the procedure, patients can either undergo surgical or non-surgical jaw reduction. During surgical jaw reduction, your surgeon manually removes part of the bone using incisions inside the mouth to avoid scarring.

The non-surgical technique uses BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dysport® injections to minimize the prominence of some facial features. During your consultation, Dr. Lee will determine the best treatment option for you.

Patients can return to work two weeks after surgical jaw reduction. There is virtually no recovery time after non-surgical jaw treatment.

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Asian Brow Lift Surgery

For Asian patients, visible aging often starts around the brows, eyes, and mid-face. Dr. Lee can perform brow lift surgery to lift drooping brows and minimize forehead wrinkles.During Asian brow lift surgery, small incisions are made behind the hairline. Endoscopic techniques are then used to allow Dr. Lee better visualization of the inner tissues.

Recovery from Asian brow lift surgery varies between patients depending on the correction needed and the specific surgical techniques used. Generally, patients can return to work within one to two weeks after surgery. Strenuous activity should be avoided for at least four to six weeks. Dr. Lee will let you know when it is safe.

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Asian Facelift

As we age, wrinkles and facial sagging can appear on the jawline, cheeks, and around the mouth. Asian facelift surgery uses techniques specific to the Asian facial structure to eliminate aging signs, creating a more youthful appearance.Depending on their needs for the procedure and degree of facial aging, patients can undergo a lower or mid-facelift. A mid-facelift focuses on the middle portion of the face, whereas a lower facelift will treat the corners of the mouth, jawline, and neck.

Recovery from facelift surgery can be extensive. You will need to wear dressings and bandages for a few days to protect the incision sites and allow for proper healing. Patients can often return to work within one to two weeks, but strenuous activity and exercise should be avoided for four to six weeks.

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Asian Chin Augmentation

Many individuals are born with an underdeveloped chin that lacks shape and projection. Asian chin augmentation surgery can be performed to help patients achieve more balanced facial proportions and structure.Patients can either undergo chin augmentation with implants or with a sliding genioplasty.

During Asian chin implant surgery, Dr. Lee will insert implants through incisions made on your inner lip to avoid visible scarring. During sliding genioplasty, Dr. Lee cuts the chin bone and moves it forward, making it more prominent.

In addition to improving facial balance and proportion, chin augmentation surgery helps eliminate a double chin and define the jawline.

Patients can return to work one to two weeks after chin augmentation.

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