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Blog: All Natural Chin Augmentation

Posted January 23, 2011 in Cheek and Jawline

Sliding genioplasty augments the chin using your own tissue, not an implant.

Jaw narrowing and chin augmentation ("sliding genioplasty") - 1 year post-op

Jaw narrowing and chin augmentation (“sliding genioplasty”) – 1 year post-op

Before and After Chin Augmentation

Before and After Chin Augmentation

By: Dr. Charles S. Lee

All natural chin augmentation is also known as a sliding genioplasty.

Chin implant is a traditional choice for correcting a small chin on profile. An incision is made under the chin or in the mouth for this procedure.

The materials that are used can be Silicone plastic if placed inside the mouth or Porex if placed from an incision under the chin.

Advantages of the chin implant include the simplicity and straightforwardness of the procedure and it uses local or sedation anesthesia only.

The disadvantage is that it only corrects horizontal deficiencies and deficiencies under 10mm that are in one direction only.

Problem chins where implants will not work:

• Chins requiring large advancements – more than 10mm.

• Long chins or chins requiring reducing the size

• Short chins requiring additional vertical height

• Lip incompetence – lip has trouble closing. “Stippling” is apparent.

In these situations, bone movement is required (sliding genioplasty).

How is it done?

• General anesthesia

• Intraoral incision

• Lower border of chin exposed, avoiding nerve of sensation

• Bone segment is divided

• ***Chin can be shortened and advanced -or- lengthened -or- centered and advanced -or- as how the chin should suit the patient.

After surgery, patient can have:

• 3/10 scale of pain – bone has no nerve ending

• Mild discomfort from drain, removed on day 1 or 2

• Bandages for 5 days

• Recovery one week off with both weekends

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