Incision Eyelid Surgery

Incision eyelid surgery at 5 days, 12 days and at 1 month

Incision Eyelid Surgery 5 days post operative
5 days post operative
Incision Eyelid Surgery 12 days post operative
12 days post operative
Incision Eyelid Surgery 1 month post operative
1 month post operative

Patient had intermittent folds which benefitted from permanent crease placement with an incision approach to make the crease symmetric while maintaining the natural crease size the patient desired.

This patient’s left eye is slightly smaller than the right. This is caused by a weakness in the left eyelid opening muscle. She was using her forehead to elevate the eyelid, causing the brow to be slightly elevated. After the muscle tension was corrected to match the other  eye, note that the brow is relaxed and in a slightly lower position (in the after picture). A small amount of skin was removed to accommodate the slight drop in the brow.

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