Nostril narrowing

Here are some examples of nostril narrowing photographs.
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Nostril Narrowing Patient Before
Nostril flare
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Nostril Narrowing Patient After
This patient had a nostril “flare”. Note the overly round shape of the nostrils. After excision of the excess nostril tissue, the nostril assumes a more natural appearnace. Te incision are visible for abotu 6 months. They are easily camouflaged using makeup. The above patient’s photos are taken at 6 months without makeup.

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Nostril Narrowing Patient Before 2
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Nostril Narrowing Patient After 2
[one_third last=”yes”]Nostril Narrowing Patient After 2 6 Months
In this case, the primary correction was for the excessive wideness of the nostrils. The first post operative pictures are taken at 5 days, the later pictures at 6 months.

Nostril Narrowing Patient Before 3Nostril Narrowing Patient After 3

In this case, the tip was raised using a cartilage graft and the nostrils were narrowed. The two procedures in conjunction with each other amplify the improvement. The shape of the nostril is improved as well narrowed.

Nostril Narrowing Patient Before 4Nostril Narrowing Patient After 4

In this case, the nostril was not narrowed, but the shape was improved by removing a small wedge of tissue at the base, along with raising the tip using a cartilage graft. The incisions hide quite well in the groove between the nostril and face.

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