Notes on Jawline Shaving

Using a direct view from behind the ear, a precise amount of bone can be removed for an ideal jawline contour. This is an improved view compared to the traditional approach of resecting the bone from an intra oral approach, in which the bone is removed mainly by feel, due to visual limitations.

Jawline Shaving Actual Patient

Jawline Shaving Actual Patient Close Up

Jawline Shaving Actual Patient 2

Jawline Shaving Actual Patient 2 Up Close

For additional photos of actual bone segments, click here:

These photos were taken from three consecutive patients on three consecutive days. Note the significant amount of bone that was safely removed.

“Revision jawline reduction through an behind-ear approach”

To see the photo, please click this link:

Much more significant bone can be removed through this route compared to going through the mouth.

Here is an example of how bone would be removed if done through an intra oral route.

It is more difficult to get a whole piece out, and usually is done in small pieces.

Jawline Shaving Actual Patient 3
Jawline shaving
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