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Review from B. - Source: Healthgrades - Apr 03, 2021
Charles S Lee, MD is the "GO TO" plastic surgeon for facial and nasal surgery!I was referred to Dr Lee by another highly satisfied Rhinoplasty Revision patient after consulting with several other very well known Beverly Hills Facial Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgeons. I knew that Dr Lee was finally my surgeon of choice on my initial consultation with him. I required a cheek implant and lower face lift following a traumatic injury to my face that resulted in multiple fractures. Dr Lee's knowledge of facial anatomy,amazing aesthetic eye, and his unsurpassed surgical skills were well beyond that of the other surgeons I had consulted with. Dr Lee created a beautiful, natural, and youthful (!) result in these procedures and I have received many compliments on my appearance from those who have no idea that I have ever had an injury or surgery, though I am Caucasian and over 60. Dr Lee's artistic eye combined with his surgical technical expertise is without comparison!
Review from Y. - Source: RealSelf - Oct 02, 2013
2 year after , considering explant * Saline Round 275 cc Moderate Profile under muscle. - I am 38 years old, have breastfed one kid for full 2 years. My kid is now 7 years old. My height is 5'3" and my weight is 100 lbs.My bra size is 32A. I have always been wearing padded, under-wired and push-up bra since 20 years ago. I am thinking bigger boobs for a change would be nice, just to see how it feels to be different. I don't know if that is enough of a reason to get the surgery. My husband actually brought it up. I had rhinoplasty earlier this year and he asked me if my doctor could also add some mass to my boobs, just a little bit bigger, he said. So I went. I visited my doctor the following week and told him of my intention. My doctor showed me his basket of water balloons and I asked questions. I settled at Saline Implants, 250 CC on my left and maybe 275 on my right. The doctor said he would make the incision at my nipples. This part made me nervous. What if it goes wrong and I lose sensitivity on my nipples? What's the point of having big boobs for my husband if I can't feel them? Today afternoon I am going to get a mammogram screening. My left boob is bigger than the right one and it always feel uncomfortable in the bra because the edge does not fit well. This has been the case since I had my baby and the boob size difference has become more drastic.This site has been a good support to be and I learned a lot from other stories. I would like to hear opinion and feedback from you ladies here.
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