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4 Reviews - Epicanthoplasty  (See More Reviews)
Review from B. - Source: RealSelf - Jul 23, 2014
21 Yrs Old W/ a Medium Crease - Dr. Lee is a very nice man. He is also very knowledgeable. I felt that he actually cared about me, as well as his assistants. His assistants called me after my revision to check up on me and to make sure I was okay. I had an emotional breakdown 2 weeks after my surgery and I went crazy e-mailing Dr. Lee about all my healing process (bad bad thing to do, not sure why I did it... still). He handled it very well. I received another check up call from Dr. Lee to reassure me that everything will be okay, and everything I was struggling with was normal, and that I will have a prolonged recovery due to my revision surgery and Ptosis correction. I needed that reassurance so bad. Now, 6-7 weeks later I'm very happy I choose Dr. Lee. I'm still waiting on my final results but I can already see that Dr. Lee did a very good job.
Review from T. - Source: RealSelf - Nov 09, 2014
Asian Eyelid Revision with Endoscopic Brow Lift- life-changing makeover!!! - Beverly Hills, CA - He seemed like he was in a bit of a rush sometimes during interactions before the procedure and during the aftercare, but he did answer my questions and definitely knew what he was doing as my results from his work are outstanding!
Review from M. - Source: RealSelf - Dec 21, 2014
Asian Double Eyelid Surgery & Rhinoplasty. - Beverly Hills, CA - Dr. Lee seems like he genuinely cares about his patients. I'm about one month post operation and i absolutely love my new nose. I love my eyelids too, however, since I got epicanthoplasty I was expecting my eyelids to be on the outside .. but it's still on the inside. Dr. Lee says that I have to wait six months to get a revision. I've been complaining to him about this. I've been emailing him, texting him and calling his office, and he remains patient with me and says we need to wait six months. I'm happy that he doesn't rush into a revision just because i'm so pushy. I also got botox for jaw reduction, not sure why my jaw isn't slimming down.. maybe it's just my facial structure.. All in all, Dr. Lee is a professional and patient doctor. I can't wait five more months to get my eyelid revision !!Update *03/01/2015*I take back my previous comment about Botox for jaw reduction was not working.. I actually see my jaw starting to slim down now !! I'm happy !! 🙂 thanks dr.lee ! ^_^
Review from Google User - Source: Google - Jul 30, 2010
I had revisional eyelid surgery done. I wanted a bigger fold and I had the stitching method before by another surgeon. This time I opted for the incisional method because I wanted a more dramatic fold with the medial epicanthoplasty. I LOVE LOVE LOVE! my results! My eyes are significantly larger now without looking "fake" and the inner corner correction makes such a big difference in making the eyes larger. Originally I was hesitant about the medial epicanthoplasty (that's what its called) because I didnt' want my eyes to look really close together. But now that I've recovered that's not the case at all. The ME widened my eyes and gives it a nice edge in the corner that''s amazing when I put eyeliner on . I had it done two weeks ago and I'm still a bit swollen so I just wear glasses (even though I don't need them )and push my bangs to the side so it covers more. I don't want to put makeup on it just yet. I'm really happy thus far. He seriously does THE best eyes
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