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Review from A.K. - Source: Yelp - Apr 03, 2015
The staff here are unprofessional and extremely rude. I was visiting LA from East Bay area so I made an appointment 2 weeks ahead for filler. Got to the doctor's office on time after a long 6.5 hrs drive and one of the staff told me that I will have to wait for an hour as the doctor is with another patient. Why couldn't anybody call me to say that??? Simply don't care about patients' time. Also, when I made an appointment I confirmed 0.5 cc of the Juverderm will be available. When I got there, they said they don't have it and tried to sell the whole 1 cc that I don't need. They said they will have to charge me full price although I will need only 0.5 cc ( I got 0.5 cc and paid less last time). They never apologized for the wait time and inconvenience that I had to go through going all the way there and giving me inaccurate info. Nobody cared when I just decided to leave without getting filler. Never going back. Very unprofessional a d rude.
Review from J.J. - Source: Yelp - Jan 17, 2014
I've been going to Dr. Lee since I was 23. I'm 37 now. That's 14 years, which is technically the longest relationship I've ever had. And I have commitment issues, so that should tell you how good Dr. Lee is. I've stuck with him for two reasons : 1. You can trust him. 2. He's really, REALLY good at what he does. When I was 23 Kate Moss had popularized the waif/drug addict look. Wanting to be heroin chic (but without the accompanying substance abuse), I turned to Dr. Lee and BEGGED him to suck the fat out of my face so that I too could look like I was doing heroin on the daily. Dr. Lee refused and kindly told me that I was an idiot. He educated me and explained that I was getting my youth from my midface volume, which is just fancy talk for the fullness in my cheeks. As we age, that fat depletes, causing the skin to sag. He told me that women in their 30s and 40s pay him to put back in what I was trying to suck out. Well thank you Dr. Lee. You were right. Now I'm in my 30s and I see Dr. Lee for fillers (Juvederm) to replace my midface volume loss. Oh the ironies of life. I also see Dr. Lee for botox and a few other things. I completely trust his judgment. He's an ethical practitioner and won't do anything that he doesn't feel is right for you. I've been asking him for filler in my lips for years and he won't do it because he doesn't think I need it. He has a very artistic eye with extreme attention to detail, which is what you want in a plastic surgeon and injector. There are dentists and dermatologists that do botox now, but why would you go to anyone who doesn't specialize in aesthetics? Dr. Lee is a highly trained and extremely skilled plastic surgeon. He's a master injector and an artist with the needle. Because of his work, everyone thinks I'm 10 years younger than I am. I've been to other doctors prior to meeting Dr. Lee but will not be going to anyone else because he's the best. Your face is important. Don't bargain shop for services. Go to someone you can trust and build a relationship with them. It's the best investment you can make in yourself, other than going to the gym everyday and eating grass. But who wants to do that?
Review from L.W. - Source: Yelp - Mar 15, 2015
Dr. Lee is amazing! I went in for neck lipo and voluma fillers for my nose. The results were pretty instant and the recovery time was faster than I expected. Most Doctors would try to sell you on fixes you don't need, but Dr. Lee was very honest with me with what I needed and don't need to improve for my face. The whole staff was very welcoming and made me feel super comfortable throughout the whole process. All the nurses made me feel sooo relaxed, calm, and they even held my hand which I loved. Thank you, Dr. Lee for your amazing work! I will definitely come see you again!
Review from L.W. - Source: Yahoo - Mar 15, 2015
Dr. Lee is amazing! I went in for neck lipo and voluma fillers for my nose. The results were pretty instant and the recovery time was faster than I expected. Most Doctors would try to sell you on... more
Review from M.E. - Source: Yelp - May 18, 2015
My first experience with Dr. Lee was great.The minute I walked into his office Dr. Lee and his entire staff made me feel very relaxed. I went to see him to get filler in my lips and found him very easy to talk to and I could tell he was really listening to me when I explained the look I was aiming to achieve. I had full lips before but wanted them to look a little more pouty. He achieved the look I wanted perfectly and the entire process was painless and stress free. I know this definitely will be the first of many visits for me.
Review from M.E. - Source: Yahoo - May 18, 2015
My first experience with Dr. Lee was great.The minute I walked into his office Dr. Lee and his entire staff made me feel very relaxed. I went to see him to get filler in my lips and found him very... more
Review from B. - Source: RealSelf - Aug 19, 2014
Transformation - Beverly Hills, CA - I think he is a very good doctor and I had a pleasant experience with him. His price is cheap compared to SF so I can't really complain.
Review from N. - Source: RealSelf - Oct 27, 2014
Great Experience at Dr. Lee's Office - Beverly Hills, CA - I just had my nose filler (bridge) done today. Just a little background, I started e mailing Dr. Lee's office and I was so impressed at how prompt his office staff replied. Dr. Lee had me sent my pictures via e mail for evaluation and his response was so prompt as well and best of all it was for free. Before Dr. Lee injected the filler he briefed me on what the product was as well as what to expect. Now it's all done and time to pay, I was really thinking that the 1 cc filler at $400 qouted to me thru e mail was just the base amount so I thought it would cost me around a thousand the most, but to my surprise it was really $400, I said wow! I will definitely have Dr. Lee do my surgical Rhinoplasty.
Review from Y.H. - Source: Insiderpages - Sep 05, 2013
Satisfied Patient - No swelling after my fillers.
Review from J.L. - Source: Insiderpages - Aug 10, 2013
Terrific Experience - Dr Lee is awesome.. I let him know I wanted my eyelids to be high in height.. I let him know I wanted high creases... And he delivered. He is also great with restylane fillers for my lips. He is awesome and I respect him and his nurses. I love his clinic.
Review from R.M. - Source: Yelp - Aug 01, 2018
Susana was amazing,... She explained everything in details before she start the injection... I definitely recommend it and definitely will be back 🙂
Review from A.J. - Source: Yelp - Nov 24, 2018
I made a visit to Susana Choi in Dr Lee's office earlier in the month to receive Restylane Lyft filler.  I want to thank Susana immensely for making me feel so at ease and comfortable with the process.  This was not my first time at the rodeo with non invasive procedures such as fill injection but I was a bit undecided on whether I wanted to get the work done that day.  Susana was supportive and offered alternative dates for me to come back after discussing my needs with her.  Ultimately, I decided right then and there to do it, and based on my experience will definitely return to Susana in the future for more of her aesthetic expertise.  She was truly great.
Review from P.S. - Source: Yelp - Jan 22, 2019
Amazing experience.   This is my 2nd time getting fillers and must say... it was NIGHT AND DAY.   Both med spas were pretty well known as well so it's not like I went to a random shady place my first time around.  I made an appointment with Susana and she is one of the sweetest person I have ever met.  She took her time with me and explain EVERYTHING.   The process was PAINLESS (I was so nervous at first but Susana did everything she could to numb the spots and I didn't feel a thing) and the way Susana molded my nose and chin, you can clearly tell she puts so much pride in her work and she loves what she does.  So obviously the work is going to come out amazing!  The difference was noticeable but so natural!!  I really don't care if this place is a tad bit more expensive then most... I'm telling you, the experience I had before Susana.. I thought all procedures were supposed to be mediocre and fast until I met Susana... yeah won't go anywhere else from now on.
Review from A.C. - Source: Yelp - Jan 21, 2014
First I want to start by saying I LOVE Dr. Lee. He is so sweet, professional, honest and down to earth. I had Botox in my jaw and filler in my chin. I am in love with the results. I now have a define beautiful chin. It's amazing how filler enhances the entire shape of the face. I was petrified to have surgery done on my face, and just taking to him eased all my worries. Dr. Lee made me feel so comfortable and answered all my questions. I look forward to my upper bleth and rhyno in a few weeks...I will update results!
Review from M. - Source: RealSelf - Jan 15, 2014
New Beautiful Chin- Non-surgical Treatment! - Beverly Hills, CA - Kind, gentle, professional and sweet.
Review from D.C. - Source: Yelp - Aug 30, 2015
Dr.Lee is an amazing, I have been seeing him for over 8 years now and now I moved to Vegas, but I still drive back to Cali just to see him, because he is the only doctor that me, my husband and my family trust and believe in. he is very patient and he is very good at what he do. part of it because he is more than just a amazing doctor, he is an artist as well. Also, his staffs are always so sweet too. I will recommend Dr. Lee to anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery, botox , filler or just simply want to enhance yourself.
Review from K.J. - Source: Yelp - May 01, 2017
He's the best! He's done my Botox, filler, and other things and he's done no wrong! I loved my Botox and filler result!!! So natural and subtle! He really cares about his patients and that they are happy! I really have always had such a great experience in this office in all areas! Thanks so much!!!!
Review from K.J. - Source: Yahoo - May 01, 2017
He's the best! He's done my Botox, filler, and other things and he's done no wrong! I loved my Botox and filler result!!! So natural and subtle! He really cares about his patients and that they...
Review from G.M. - Source: Yelp - Apr 19, 2017
Really honest and caring.First, I want to preface how wonderful Laurie is, Doctor Lee's consult manager extraordinaire. She went above and beyond for me, and it's genuinely does not go unnoticed. After seeing Doctor Lee, she is the face and person that manages the full experience of feeling comfortable getting anything done beauty related. She talks you through your quote and answers questions you may not feel comfortable asking the doctor (but you should always feel comfortable with a doctor if considering a procedure). I've consulted at other offices and usually feel like I'm being pushed into something, but Laurie is heart felt and honest and really steps everything up a notch. If I were to choose to do surgery with Doctor Lee, she'd be a huge factor why.Doctor Lee is very analytical and thorough. He knows the asian face probably better than any other doctor in Los Angeles. There is no small talk with Doctor Lee. He's not a salesman surgeon, he knows what he's doing and he won't try to up-sale you like many surgeons in this town do. He did a digital simulation of my face to show me what it would look like after.After my consolation, I wasn't convinced I wanted to spend that much and wanted to get to know the Doctor better. I've been to Doctor Lee's office 3 times. Once for a consultation, once for lip filler and botox, and third for filler again. My first filler experience wasn't great the first time and I learned to just be honest and say when you're unsatisfied. Months later, I expressed my disappointment. Right away Laurie went above and beyond refunded me, but I ended up getting filler again with Doctor Lee because she really believed I'd love the result. I went back and had a really nice and completely different experience. I do love the result and it was really nice to see Doctor Lee again. It just shows how much they care and that builds trust. Plastic surgery is no joke and anyone considering it should take their time and feel 100% comfortable at an office, with a doctor and asking questions. The office is beautiful and welcoming. The rest of the staff is very friendly.I'm still considering a procedure (in time when I can afford it) and Doctor Lee is on the top of my list. I would totally recommend any asian woman seeking facial plastic surgery to see Doctor Lee. The asian face is very different and needs to be carefully assessed. From skin thickness, cartilage in the nose, cheek bones, and how skin folds over and under the eye - asian faces are a specialty of their own.
Review from B.T. - Source: Yelp - May 16, 2018
Dr. Lee is a wonderful doctor - very kind, honest, and good at what he does! He injected Dysport into my masseter muscles for TMJ and clenching and it was a great help! He is a thoughtful listener and equally thoughtful with his input. I really appreciated the whole experience! Additionally, Dr. Lee injected my lips with Juvederm and did such a beautiful job. I will certainly go back to see him again for this in the future. He is trustworthy, respectful, very skilled, and I also appreciated the time he took to answer all of my questions. I felt that I was in very good hands with him. Thank you to Dr. Lee and the entire team at Enhance!!