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6 Reviews - Jaw Reduction Surgery  (See More Reviews)
Review from S. - Source: RealSelf - Jun 19, 2013
Mandibular (Jaw) Reduction - Beverly Hills, CA - I decided to undergo a highly-invasive (removing bone) procedure and didn't know which doctor to go with. I am pleased to have chosen the right one because a little bit over two years later, and I am absolutely pleased with the result. Dr. Lee is a very skilled surgeon who knows the human anatomy best. He personally answered my numerous questions via e-mail, almost instantly, despite being very busy. Dr. Lee is experienced with various different surgeries, and most notably "Asian/ethnic cosmetic surgery." I have recommended him to all of my family and friends.
Review from A.B. - Source: Yelp - Feb 25, 2016
I had my jawline shaving done with Dr.Charles Lee and I would highly recommend Dr. Lee to anyone. He is one of those people who seems cold on outside but very caring and professional inside and I would trust him with any surgery. My goal was to do jawline reduction cause I naturally had very developed and strong jawline. I made an appointment for consultation. When I arrived to the office everyone was very friendly and helpful however doctor was 40 min late which got me worried for a moment. When I met Dr. Lee he was not trying to sell me on anything, on the other hand was very professional and knowledgable and answered all of my questions with details without exaggerating possible surgery results. He showed a photo of how my face will look after the surgery. Then I scheduled my surgery. I live in Vegas and Dr. Lee and his team members were willing to give me consultation via Skype right before surgery plus discussed the details over the phone and via text. Surgery went well. I was provided with a nurse who stayed with me at home overnight for additional charge. Dr. Lee's office also can provide you with an apartment to stay for additional charge although I never used this convenient service. After surgery I visited Doctor's office several times for follow-ups. Doctor Charles was very attentive to details and my concerns and always gave me honest professional answer. At some point one side of my face was more swollen than the other and I though something went wrong . But turned out it can happen depending on particularities of your face and healing process. And now it's perfectly even. Today is 5 weeks after the surgery and imm very happy with the result. Not only Doctor was able to do amazing job, but he also preserved visual natural look of my jawline. I don't have any outside scars cause all the incisions were performed inside the mouth. I can eat normally, my face is still a little bit swollen but it's easy to see final result already. Great doctor!
Patient Story
Review from M. - Source: RealSelf - Nov 16, 2015
Asian Rhinoplasty and Jawline Reduction - Beverly Hills, CA - I went for a consultation on the 16th to see Dr. Lee. He knew what I wanted and I didn't want anything extreme but something that can improve me for the better. I did a CBC the same day, they were just a couple floors away from each other. I'm booked for 11/30! I'm nervous and getting everything ready for surgery now. There's a list of things I will need prior to surgery. Pray for me! Thanks!
Review from J.B. - Source: Yelp - Nov 26, 2020
Dr. Lee and his staff have been nothing but excellent and my experience has been great! I recently underwent a body transformation and got breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, a lip lift, jaw reduction, and fat grafting all in one surgery (total time 9 hours). Everyone helped me immensely during my recovery and 2 week stay in L.A. and I’m so grateful and satisfied with the results!!! Everything is healing beautifully and I’m so happy! Dr. Lee is extremely skilled and great at what he does. Aside from getting my wisdom teeth out, I had never had surgery before this. But looking back I would undergo this again and wouldn’t have done anything differently because my experience has been that good.
Review from T.V. - Source: Yelp - Dec 19, 2019
I went in for a multiple surgeries (brow lift, double eyelid, fat grafting, lip reduction and jawline reduction). I was very impressed and happy with the service I got from Dr. Lee's office. He is a very down to earth Doctor, knows and love what he's doing. All of his staff are well prepped and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Lee to anyone who are considering of getting some cosmetic surgeries done.
Review from Anonymous - Source: Vitals - Feb 05, 2011
I have been Dr.Lee's patient for six years for all my procedure, I had forehead lift, double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, cheek reduction, jaw shaving and genioplasty, also botox. All I can say is that my experience with Dr.Lee is amazing, my family loves him. I am a very picky patient, but he has always been there listen to my request and figure out what will make me look the best....and he make sure my recovery will be as comfortable as possible. I just can't say enough how professional and caring is him and also his crew is amazing too. before I found him, I have seen and talk to many plastic surgeon, and no one has made me and my family as comfortable and trusting as him ... With my 6 year of experience with him, I just can't say enough that how amazing is him ... Oh yeah, my result is beautiful, natural, just excellent, excellent... Love it and love it!!! And his pricing is very reasonable and with the best suggestion on what to take or use to help u make your recovery much easier. He will always be mine, my family and friend's choice as a plastic surgeon!!!!!! 🙂
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