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Review from Anonymous - Source: Vitals - Feb 06, 2010
Good Doc - I had liposuction with Dr. Lee. He did my belly and thighs. At first, the healing was difficult, with all the fluid leaking and the soreness. But, it was manageable with the pain medication and using lots of towels on the sofa or bed whenever I sat or slept. I couldn't work out for about a month b/c it felt wierd and stung a little bit. At first, I was a little lumpy in places, and other places were very firm. He had his nurse do ultrasound massage to soften up the firm areas, which he said would heal on their own, anyway. The ultrasound just made it soften up faster. The lumpiness took about 6 weeks to smooth out. I look great now--no more saddle bags and no more pooch. I'm very happy with the service and care I received.
Review from A. - Source: Vitals - Mar 21, 2010
Great Guy, Great Doc - Dr. Lee did liposuction on my arms. There was one small incision around each elbow, and that was it! The whole thing took a couple of hours. He first puts the anesthetic solution which has to sit for a while; the actual procedure didn't seem to take that long; then, they wrapped my arms up like a mummy. It was a little wierd how the fluid kept leaking out for a day or so after, but I had been warned about that. There was some swelling for a couple weeks and some lumps or firmness in some spots for about a month or so. But now, everything has softened up to feel totally back to normal, except my arms look more toned and less giggly. I am very happy.
Review from Anonymous - Source: RateMDs - Mar 21, 2010
I went to Dr. Lee for neck liposuction for a double chin. There was some swelling and minimal bruising, but I was able to go out the next day without looking like I'd just had surgery. The great thing was that no general anesthesia was required, and I was comfortable during the procedure. As he said, it took several weeks for things to settle into place. Once the swelling had gone down and the "tissues contracted" into place, I looked great--from the side and the front. I highly recommend Dr. Lee.
Review from H.W. - Source: Yellowpages - Jun 20, 2016
I did liposuction and Themi-tight around jawline, and am very happy with the outcome. The swelling was much much less than what I was prepared to deal with, and the double chin is reduced just the right amount.
Review from S. - Source: RealSelf - Dec 03, 2017
Revision Rhinoplasty and Facial Liposuction - Great Results! All Expectations Met and Exceeded - I've been going to Dr. Charles Lee on a fairly regular basis for a multitude of complicated procedures (both revision and primary) and not once was there even the slightest hint of disappointment. This last procedure was a second revision rhinoplasty (3rd rhinoplasty if you include the primary), in conjunction with facial liposuction (cheeks, jowls, and neck), and I have to say, the...
Review from J.L. - Source: Vitals - Nov 11, 2009
Simply the BEST - I highly recommend Dr. Lee. My experience under his care was nothing but stellar from start to finish. I had lower eyelid surgery, chin implant, rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation, buccal fat pad shaping, and facial implants (not all at once, of course.) No one would guess that I'd had surgery unless they've seen my before and after pictures--that's how natural my results turned out. Dr. Lee actually revised my breast augmentation that was initially performed by another surgeon, as I was looking for a more natural result. Dr. Lee was spot on in diagnosing the problem and correcting it far beyond my expectations. As far as the staff decorum mentioned in another review, what office doesn't have staffing issues? Sometimes there are just bad eggs in an office, but this doesn't detract from Dr. Lee's expertise.Take a look around at other doctors. No one gets the results he does, and that speaks volumes above and beyond anything one could write in a review. Bottom line, Dr. Lee is an artist and the very best at what he does.
Review from L.W. - Source: Yelp - Mar 15, 2015
Dr. Lee is amazing! I went in for neck lipo and voluma fillers for my nose. The results were pretty instant and the recovery time was faster than I expected. Most Doctors would try to sell you on fixes you don't need, but Dr. Lee was very honest with me with what I needed and don't need to improve for my face. The whole staff was very welcoming and made me feel super comfortable throughout the whole process. All the nurses made me feel sooo relaxed, calm, and they even held my hand which I loved. Thank you, Dr. Lee for your amazing work! I will definitely come see you again!
Review from L.W. - Source: Yahoo - Mar 15, 2015
Dr. Lee is amazing! I went in for neck lipo and voluma fillers for my nose. The results were pretty instant and the recovery time was faster than I expected. Most Doctors would try to sell you on... more
Review from Anonymous - Source: RateMDs - Nov 12, 2009
Outstanding results! I went to him initially for revision work and have never regretted it. Over the years, I've had chin implant, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, facial implant, breast augmentation, liposuction, buccal fat shaping. He is obviously an artist and the best in the field.--I have really done my research here. Just look at the results of other competitors--there is no comparison. It's a privilege to have access to such a talented surgeon. I hope he never retires!
Review from P. - Source: RealSelf - Oct 15, 2013
Search No More! Dr. Lee is the Best of the Best! - Beverly Hills, CA - Based on my personal experience and results, I would say that Dr. Lee is the best plastic surgeon for Asians in the nation. I am extremely satisfied with all the procedures he performed on me including nose, eyes, chin implant and facial/cheek lipo. I also go to him for Botox treatments. I highly recommend Dr. Lee for all cosmetic enhancement needs/desires. PC
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