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Patient Story
Review from J. - Source: Citysearch - Apr 09, 2016
I came in for the fat sculpting thing where they freeze your fat. The technicians Felicia and Sasha were really sweet and knowledgeable about the procedure/ I would highly recommend this office! Very clean and really bright and modern looking too!
Review from J.W. - Source: Yelp - Apr 27, 2016
I rarely write any reviews for any establishment, but am compelled to do so today. For anyone contemplating getting the Coolsculpting procedure done I would highly recommend to visit Dr. Charles Lee's medical office. I had the Coolsculpting procedure done here yesterday and was thoroughly impressed by everyone's professionalism and experience. The office is impeccably high-end and from what I could tell, they utilize the most advanced and updated medical equipment. Although it was my first time and I was a bit apprehensive, I had no choice but to leave my nervousness at the door. Other than filling out typical paperwork for first timers, there was no wait time and I was immediately whisked away by the friendly and caring staff. I virtually had no time to worry. My wife was also allowed to accompany me in the same room. Our RN started out by clearly explaining the Coolsculpting procedure and then patiently answering questions (well, primarily my wife's questions since she also accompanied me and was more nervous than I was). Next, an in-house Coolsculpting specialist provided a thorough consultation as to where (and why) around my stomach area would be ideal for the procedure. Ultimately, my wife and I decided on the lower abdomen area. The actual Coolsculpting procedure took approximately an hour and other than just a suction feeling on the applied abdomen area there was really nothing to it. Surprisingly, the adage of "no pain, no gain" did not apply. In fact, during the procedure I was kept comfortable and pampered with pillows and blankets let alone the luxury of having Wi-Fi and a TV (with Netflix) to watch in the room. From my understanding, typically the Coolsculpting procedure is handled by RNs so there is really no involvement by cosmetic surgeons. So I did not expect that BOTH resident physicians, Dr. Charles Lee and Dr. Johnson Lee, dropped in and took the time to monitor and address any questions. According to my wife, Dr. Charles Lee is an extremely "famous" and respected cosmetic surgeon, especially for Asian faces. Being a guy I didn't have the inclination but my wife took every advantage to practically get a free consultation (from BOTH doctors) on cosmetic work she has been bugging me about for years. Frankly, I think my wife is beautiful and there is no need for any work to be done on her face but obviously every woman desires to have something cosmetically done given the opportunity. Anyway, now I'm thinking I'm on the hook and going to have to open up my procrastinating wallet (yes, I'm a cheap bastard). Surprisingly, after answering my wife's questions and providing feedback and suggestions on various potential procedures (my wife hanging on every word), Dr. Charles Lee simply told my wife that in his "opinion" there was no need for any cosmetic work at this time. Now what kind of cosmetic surgeon turns down willing business? Answer - an honest and professional one! Needless to say my wife and I will be seeing Dr. Charles Lee for any future cosmetic work knowing that he has our best interests in mind. Hope this helps anyone out there with trepidations about their cosmetic endeavors.
Review from O.H. - Source: Vitals - May 12, 2016
I had a laser treatment done with Beira and dr Lee. I am very happy with my results so far.
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