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Breast Augmentation

Many Asian women desire their breasts to be larger, but still natural looking. Dr. Charles Lee in Beverly Hills uses an Asian breast augmentation method that provides optimal results to Asian women.

The Procedure

The unique characteristics of breast scarring and the body shape of asian females require an approach to Asian breast augmentation that is different from the approach used in Caucasian breast augmentation surgery.

The usual incisions in the breast fold or areola lead to prominent scarring in Asians; therefore, we prefer to make an incision within the nipple itself when performing Asian breast surgery. We use custom-made instruments to make a one-half inch incision in the fold where the nipple meets the areola.

When this method of Asian breast augmentation is used, the nipple usually heals with almost no scarring. The incision does not interfere with breast sensation or breast-feeding any more than other breast surgery procedures do. In certain cases of Asian breast surgery, the nipple diameter is too small to allow this Asian breast surgery method to be performed, and an incision must be made under the arm instead.

Dr. Lee prefers to use saline implants for Asian breast augmentation surgery. Saline-filled implants are soft and natural feeling. He usually chooses to place the implants below the pectoral muscle, rather than above it. This way, the muscle helps to hold up the implant. An implant placed below the muscle may also be less likely to interfere with mammograms than an implant placed above it. If you’re interested in this procedure, contact Dr. Charles Lee office in Beverly Hills to schedule your consultation.