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Jaw Reduction

Many Asian patients who visit our facility want to improve a jaw line that is prominent and out of proportion to the rest of the face. This is in contrast to Caucasian patients, who usually want a more prominent jaw line and often require facial implants. There are however, people of all races who have an enlarged or masculine jawline and wish to have it made more slender and feminine. This can be accomplished in two ways.

Jaw Shaving

The traditional treatment for a disproportionate jaw has been jaw shaving, which reduces the outer portion of the jaw to narrow the face. This is one method of jaw reduction available at our facility.

Non-Surgical Jaw Shaving

We also offers a non-surgical alternative to Asian jaw shaving, which involves the injection of BOTOX® Cosmetic (botulinum toxin type A) or Myobloc™ (botulinum toxin type B). Dr. Lee was a pioneer in developing this technique, being first to present this to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. We have used this non-surgical method of jaw reduction since 1999 and have treated thousands of patients with this technique. We have perhaps the largest volume of jaw injection patients in North America. This type of jaw reduction is a very good alternative to surgery because it carries fewer risks.