4 Benefits of Chin Augmentation for Asian Women

Close-up image of an Asian woman's face. She is touching her cheek bone.

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Chin augmentation procedures are becoming increasingly popular among Asian women looking to add definition and balance to their facial appearance. 

The chin is a fundamental part of defining a person’s profile. When it’s disproportionate or underdeveloped—as is commonly seen with Asian facial features—it creates a sense of imbalance that takes away from one’s natural beauty.

Many Asian women are choosing to alter their appearance through chin augmentation. Here is why.

1. Chin Implants Correct Recessed or Weak Chins

A weak chin often creates a weak jawline, making an individual’s lower face look sunken with cheeks that look too wide. It can even make a normal-sized nose appear too large and over projected, throwing the entire face out of proportion. Asian chin augmentation can be combined with Asian rhinoplasty to address nasal concerns.

For people with a receding or weak chin, chin augmentation offers a permanent solution for strengthening and restoring balance to the face. It adds angularity to the cheeks and improves facial harmony, making patients feel better about their overall facial appearance.

2. Chin Implants Increase the Prominence of the Chin

The projection and prominence of the chin can significantly affect your appearance. A chin implant can add angles to your chin and increase the vertical height of the chin for a more dramatic transformation.

3. Chin Implants Improve the Jawline and Neck Definition

Sometimes, the chin may recede into the neck as you age or gain weight. A weak chin creates a lack of definition between the jawline and neck, creating a somewhat puffier and bulkier appearance.

Choosing a chin implant results in a sleeker chin and a strong and well-defined jawline that improves the contour of your neck, making you look younger. 

For patients with excess fat under the chin, KYBELLA® injections or liposuction of the neck can be used to improve jawline definition further.

4. Chin Implants Improve the Symmetry and Bring the Chin Into Proportion With the Overall Balance of the Face

If you feel that your facial features lack proportion, a chin augmentation can greatly influence your profile. 

Chin implants are often used in improving facial balance by bringing the chin into better proportion with other features. When performed properly, it can restore balance and harmony to your overall facial appearance as it improves the way your facial features relate to one another.

Are You Interested in Chin Augmentation But Don’t Want Implants?

As an alternative to chin implants, Dr. Lee also performs sliding genioplasty (osseous genioplasty). 

While sliding genioplasty is still a surgical procedure that results in a better-projected chin, it does not involve the addition of an implant. Instead, this surgical technique focuses on physically repositioning the chin bone. 

Here, the chin bone is separated from the jawbone and moved forward to project better through the skin. The chin bone is then secured to the jawbone with screws and plates to keep it in its new location.

The advantage of a sliding genioplasty is that the chin can be altered in all three dimensions. If the chin is tall, it can be shortened. If it is wide, it can be narrowed. And of course, if recessed, it can be advanced. Many chins require narrowing to give a more delicate, sharp point. This is done during a sliding genioplasty.

What About Non-surgical Options?

Some Asian women are displeased by their receding chin but are not interested or candidates for a surgical procedure. Fortunately, there are also non-surgical options. 

Non-surgical chin augmentation is performed by injecting dermal fillers into the chin that sit just above the chin bone. Because these fillers sculpt the face instead of correcting aging signs, it is important to choose a denser dermal filler with a higher viscosity. This will allow the filler to hold its shape and strength better. 

Your injector will evaluate your needs during your consultation to determine which filler is appropriate, but particular varieties of hyaluronic acid fillers like JUVÉDERM® or Restylane often suffice.

Interested in Learning More?

Does your chin make you feel self-conscious about the way you feel about yourself? 

Consulting with Dr. Charles S. Lee can help you determine if chin implants will work best at helping you achieve a more defined and attractive chin and jawline appearance. Contact us today at 310-271-5954 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation and let our experienced surgeon evaluate your facial anatomy and candidacy.

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