Asian vs. Caucasian Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty for Asian Noses

Nose surgery, also known as “rhinoplasty,” can make a variety of changes to the internal and external structures of the nose. This intricate procedure can alter the shape and size of the nose with adjustments to the tip, bridge, and nostrils. An important part of creating a beautiful nose is making sure that it is in harmony with the rest of the face and that it preserves the patient’s ethnic characteristics. For this reason, there are many differences between rhinoplasty for Asian patients and rhinoplasty for Caucasian patients.

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Asian rhinoplasty: Typically involves making certain parts of the nose larger

Caucasian rhinoplasty: Generally involves making the nose smaller


Asian rhinoplasty: Uses a support structure made of cartilage from the patient’s septum or ear to project the tip upward (Asian noses typically have weaker cartilage in the tip area)

Caucasian rhinoplasty: Removes tissue to narrow and sharpen the nasal tip


Asian rhinoplasty: Creates a bridge that starts at the level of the eyelashes or lower

Caucasian rhinoplasty: May create a bridge that starts slightly higher


Asian rhinoplasty: Creates narrower nostrils for Southern Asians (nostril narrowing is only needed for approximately 15 percent of those whose ancestry traces to Northern Asia)

Caucasian rhinoplasty: Generally maintains the curvature of the nostrils

Breaking the Nasal Bones

Asian rhinoplasty: Not frequently necessary

Caucasian rhinoplasty: Frequently needed to reduce the size of the nose

Choosing Your Surgeon

There are significant differences between Caucasian and Asian rhinoplasties. If you are an Asian patient, it is extremely important to choose a surgeon who is experienced performing Asian rhinoplasty. Dr. Charles Lee, who specializes in Asian plastic surgery and is a highly skilled and experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, has performed thousands of Asian rhinoplasties. He understands how to shape a nose that will preserve your ethnic features while creating harmony with the rest of your face.

If you are considering rhinoplasty and would like to obtain a beautiful nose that is balanced with the rest of your features, contact our office today! Dr. Charles Lee applies advanced rhinoplasty techniques developed specifically to improve and preserve the cultural identity of his patients. Call (310) 271-5954 or fill out our online contact form today!

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