Cheek Reduction for Sculpted Faces

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Plastic surgery tends to focus heavily on Western ideals of beauty. Therefore, many doctors are trained to sculpt and reshape the faces of people of Western descent. However, patients of Western descent have vastly different bone structures and aesthetic desires than those of Eastern descent. Asian patients especially have specific needs and goals that require different techniques than would be needed for a Caucasian patient. While Caucasian patients most likely require volume in the cheeks, Asian patients find that they need to reduce the size of their cheeks to achieve a sculpted look.

Many Asian patients have wide cheekbones that prevent them from having a fine facial sculpt. This creates the appearance of a square face rather than a more desirable oval or heart-shaped face. By reducing the amount of cheekbone and reshaping the angles, Dr. Charles Lee can give many of his Asian patients a more defined and balanced facial appearance.

About Cheek Reduction

Cheek reduction is best suited for patients with narrow faces but wide cheek areas. The goal of cheek reduction surgery is to bring balance to the face rather than to dramatically change its appearance. Dr. Lee always aims to provide his patients with natural, beautiful results.

Through discreetly placed incisions (inside the lip or along the hairline), Dr. Lee shaves away excess cheekbone to reshape it and achieve more attractive facial angles. The length of the procedure varies from patient to patient depending on personal aesthetic desires and facial structure. Results are permanent and tailored to each patient for subtle improvement.

Buccal Fat Removal

Chubbiness in the cheeks from fat can cause the face to appear more round. It also tends to create a more child-like look rather than a mature appearance. For patients who will most likely maintain the fat in their cheeks as they age, Dr. Lee performs buccal fat removal. Through incisions in the inner cheek, excess fat is removed. When performed on the correct patient, buccal fat removal results in a sophisticated oval face.


Cheek reduction and buccal fat removal can be performed in conjunction with each other. Some patients find that they have wide jaws and puffiness in the cheeks. Having these procedures performed together can help many patients achieve the results they desire.


Your consultation is an important part of your facial improvement experience. During your consultation, Dr. Lee will evaluate your facial structure and help you decide if you are a good candidate for cheek reduction or buccal fat removal.
If you are looking to have a more sculpted, defined facial structure, schedule your consultation with Dr. Charles Lee. Contact our office at (310) 271-5954 or fill out our online contact form here for more information.

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