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Cheek Reduction

Many Caucasian patients undergo cheek surgery because they lack defined cheekbones. For these patients, implants are placed under the cheeks to help balance out the face.

With board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) and the American Board of Otolaryngology (ABOto), our Los Angeles doctor has skillfully served the Asian plastic surgery needs of patients who wish to improve their appearance.

What is Cheekbone Surgery?

Asian patients, however, usually seek to reduce prominent cheekbones or to even out the cheeks so they match each other. At our cosmetic surgery center in California, Dr. Lee performs cheekbone reduction by approaching the cheekbone through an incision inside the lip or behind the hairline. He then shaves the bone or pushes it inward. The results are permanent and very natural looking.

Dr. Lee has found that the best candidates for cheek surgery are patients who have a narrow face with a wide cheek area. A cosmetic surgery consultation at our California facility can help you find out whether this procedure is right for you.

We never aim to drastically change the appearance of our patients. The goal of cheek surgery is not to make an Asian patient look more Caucasian. Instead, the purpose of this cosmetic surgery procedure is to restore balance to a patient’s face.

Buccal (cheek) Fat Removal

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