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Brow Lift & Facelift

For many Caucasian patients, face lifts are often a way to correct sagging around the lips, jawline, and neck area. In the Asian population, however, sagging occurs much less frequently in these areas. At our Beverly Hills Asian plastic surgery center, some of our older Asian patients do require a face lift on the lower third of the face. However, procedures that are much more common for the Asian face include brow lifts, upper and lower eyelid surgery, and the mid face lift.

Asian Brow Lift

Brow lift is just one of the procedures that can help Asian patients achieve a younger look. At around the age of 30, many patients develop what appears to be excess upper eyelid skin. Although this is sometimes the case, the culprit behind this apparent excess skin is often sagging of the eyebrow and forehead. The ideal procedure to correct this situation is a brow lift, which is typically performed through an incision behind the hairline.

During the procedure, the surgeon makes three incisions in the scalp to allow a direct view of the brow or access by a small T.V. camera during surgery. The incisions are typically about one to two inches wide. In cases where a patient has an extremely low brow, an incision is made along the length of the scalp to allow correct lift. When the procedure is performed correctly, the lateral brow area is elevated so that there is a slight arch to the brow. The central portion should not be lifted because this can lead to a “surprised” appearance.

Asian Eye Surgery

If an Asian patient has excess lower lid fat, Dr. Lee often uses a procedure called canthopexy to improve the appearance of the eye. Canthopexy is a minimally invasive procedure that involves using a suture to stabilize the eyelid. It helps to tighten and lift the lower lid, resulting in a mini eye lift, similar to a face lift.

Lower eyelid fat can also be completely removed through a small incision hidden on the inner surface of the eyelid (transconjunctival approach). When this approach is used, excess skin can also be removed to smoothen the wrinkles of the lower eyelid.

Dr. Lee prefers canthopexy to the standard transconjunctival approach. He believes that standard surgeries, which remove fat and skin, can distort eye shape and adversely alter a patient’s expression. Often he combines a brow lift with canthopexy to refresh the eye area. Together, these two procedures can reverse the “sad” appearance that some patients have as a result of aging or prior eyelid surgery.

Mid Face Lift

Some Asian patients benefit from a mid face lift. In this procedure, the mid face is frequently lifted through a small incision below the eyelid. This allows the surgeon to lift the nasolabial area (the area between the nose and lips), which is an area that is difficult to address through a traditional face lift.