Combining Eyelid Surgery With a Brow Lift for Asian Women

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Asian eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is a standard procedure for Asian patients looking to open their eyes for a brighter, more youthful look. While this procedure is certainly successful in creating a fold in the upper eyelid, some patients benefit from combining their blepharoplasty with a brow lift. This combination treatment significantly improves the look of the upper face and establishes facial harmony. 


What Is Asian Eyelid Surgery?

Asian blepharoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that creates an upper eyelid fold to open and brighten the eyes of Asian patients. This procedure is a variation of blepharoplasty, which is primarily used in patients of European descent to rejuvenate the eyes and create a more youthful appearance. 

While Asian blepharoplasty does contribute to a more youthful look, the primary aim is to create an upper eyelid fold, which can help open the eyes wider. 

Dr. Charles S. Lee is a well-renowned facial plastic surgeon specializing in Asian plastic surgery, and he has performed Asian blepharoplasty with great success throughout his career. Additionally, Dr. Lee understands the importance of maintaining his Asian patients’ ethnic diversity by preserving and enhancing their unique facial features. 

What Is A Brow Lift?

For Asian patients, a brow lift — like eyelid surgery — should be done with ethnic facial structures in mind. A brow lift can greatly rejuvenate the face for a more cohesive appearance. 

Asian patients age differently than other ethnicities, as the primary aging concerns appear around the eyes and brows. The midface ages differently, so traditional facelifts and brow lifts will not have the same effect. 

A brow lift from Dr. Lee will: 

  • Lift the brows and upper eyelids for a more rested, younger appearance
  • Target horizontal lines across the forehead by lifting the underlying tissue
  • Smooth out frown lines between the eyebrows, eliminating the “angry” appearance that can occur

Dr. Lee typically performs this procedure by placing three to five small incisions behind the hairline so that they are easily concealed. He will then lift and contour the forehead and brows to create a smooth, elegantly arced appearance. 

Why You Should Combine Your Eyelid Surgery With a Brow Lift

The eyes are important communicators between you and the world. If you have sagging eyelids, tired-looking eyes, and a furrowed brow, you may look older, tired, and angry. 

If you are considering eyelid surgery to enhance your natural features with brighter, more awake, attractive eyes, you can complete this look with a brow lift. 

Dr. Lee routinely pairs these two surgeries together and can typically perform both during the same operation. Not only does this make recovery shorter, but he can create a streamlined surgical plan that takes your unique needs and natural features into account for optimum, harmonious facial rejuvenation. 

Your Beverly Hills Asian Plastic Surgery Specialist

Dr. Lee is a premier Asian plastic surgeon, providing ethnically conscious, beautiful, and natural-looking results. He does not wish to erase your Asian heritage; he wants to celebrate it. 

It is important to choose a plastic surgeon who specializes in Asian plastic surgery, as other surgeons can create unfavorable results by ignoring diverse facial structures. This might be obvious for Asian blepharoplasty, but it’s equally true for brow lifts. 

Interested in Asian Eyelid Surgery and Brow Lifts in Beverly Hills, CA?

Combining your blepharoplasty surgery with a brow lift can provide stunning results. You can enjoy open eyelids, younger-looking under eyes, lifted brows, and smoother forehead skin. 

Dr. Lee and his team are committed to providing beautiful, natural results. If you want to learn more about Asian facial surgeries in Beverly Hills, California, or schedule a consultation with Dr. Lee, call us today at (310) 271-5954 or fill out our online contact form

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