What Is Breast Augmentation for Asian Women?

Asian woman in bra and underwear against a slate wall.

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Asian women who dislike their breasts’ small size may suffer from emotional discomfort and low self-esteem. Breast augmentation is a great way to boost confidence and body love; unfortunately, it can be challenging to find a doctor who understands the unique anatomy and cultural beauty ideals of Asian women. 

Asian breast augmentation is a specialized breast augmentation that adapts to Asian beauty standards, proportions, and body types. Seeking Asian breast augmentation has significant advantages for Asian women who wish to improve the quality of their lives and figures through plastic surgery. 

How Is Asian Breast Augmentation Different from Traditional Breast Augmentation?

Using implants to increase an Asian woman’s breasts can look natural and beautiful. However, done incorrectly, breast augmentation can cause an Asian woman’s proportions to look unbalanced. Furthermore, using traditional methods with a generic approach can lead to disproportionate and unflattering outcomes. 

Plastic surgeons who specialize in Asian breast augmentation are aware of their patient’s cultural identity and body type at every step of the procedure.

Traditionally, Asian women tend to be shorter and more petite than other ethnicities. An inexperienced surgeon may feel tempted to use overly large implants—as they would for a Caucasian patient with broader shoulders and a wider chest wall—to maximize the breasts’ fullness. Yet, such an increase in size to an Asian woman’s breasts can appear abnormal and overly large compared to her body. 

A more experienced surgeon specializing in ethnic plastic surgery will know to use a moderately sized but higher profile breast implant.  

Why Does Asian Skin Scar Differently?

People of Asian ethnicity may have unique skin qualities that cause them to develop more noticeable scars. Hyperpigmentation can occur with all scars and all ethnicities but usually develops more noticeably in Asian women due to the higher amounts of melanin in their skin. 

Asian skin is also more delicate, putting it at greater risk for hypertrophic or keloid scarring. These raised scars are much more noticeable than their flat counterpoints as they can show through tight clothing. A surgeon skilled in Asian plastic surgery will know how to make precise incisions that will help reduce the possibility of these unwanted scars.

With the proper skin care products and maintenance, scars will fade over time. 

How Should I Prepare for Asian Breast Augmentation?

The consultation is the first and most important step towards a successful breast augmentation for Asian women. Be ready to answer your doctor’s questions about your medical records, current medications, and overall health. 

It is essential that you come prepared with any questions you may have. One helpful way of deciding how large you want your new breasts is by determining what new bra size you would like to have. Patients should always ask what kind of implants their surgeon carries and if they can “try on” different sizes. 

Another helpful way to get ready for your consultation is by bringing photographs of Asian women whose breasts you would like to have. This will help your surgeon form a treatment plan that works harmoniously with your ethnic background and aesthetic desires.

Interested in Learning More About Asian Breast Augmentation? 

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