Are Asian to Caucasian Beauty Trends Changing?

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Every culture and ethnicity has their own beauty standards, typically upheld and maintained by specific elite groups. For the West, the standard of beauty has been largely dictated by celebrities, the media, and marketing. Similarly, Asian beauty standards have their own rich histories and complex ties to various industries. Yet, a common misconception is that Western beauty standards greatly influence Asian plastic surgery and beauty standards.

Cultural beauty trends on all sides are influenced to some degree by others, but no one culture sets the standard for all aesthetic ideals. 

Below, we will discuss how cosmetic procedures popular with Asian patients highlight their natural features rather than erase them and how Asian features and standards of beauty are becoming more desirable to patients with Caucasian and European features.

Asian Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Around half of the Asian population lack a fold in their upper eyelids, or their fold is small. Asian eyelid surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgeries for Asian patients who wish for brighter, more alert, or larger eyes.

The goal is not to achieve a Westernized look, so it’s important for patients to choose a plastic surgeon skilled in ethnic plastic surgery who can highlight the qualities Asian patients desire while maintaining the uniqueness of their natural features.

Jaw Reduction 

A well-defined — yet feminine — jaw is popular with patients of all ethnicities, primarily with women. For patients that wish to minimize the appearance of a masculine jawline, jaw reduction can provide a slimmer, more feminine appearance. 

Jaw reduction surgery can minimize the jaw width or length, depending on the patient’s desired look. Additionally, Dr. Lee offers multiple options for patients looking to define and shape their jaws, including non-surgical injectables to reduce the prominence of the facial features. 

How Modern Beauty Is Changing

Eye and jaw surgeries are not just famous for Asian patients. Sharp — yet delicate — jawlines are a common standard of beauty across many ethnicities, and bright, open eyes are always desirable for women.

Many patients have begun undergoing canthoplasty, more commonly known as “almond eye” surgery, to achieve a longer, more angled eye shape. Celebrities and models have also made popular the “fox-eye” makeup trend that artificially mimics a similar look.

Dr. Lee Highlights His Asian Patients’ Natural Beauty

Dr. Charles S. Lee of Beverly Hills is board certified in plastic surgery and facial plastic surgery, specializing in serving Asian patients by providing subtle yet stunning results without erasing ethnic individuality.

Supporting the movement of Asian patients’ desires to highlight their natural features and reach their specific goals of angled jaws and brighter, more inviting eyes, Dr. Lee treats each patient with care and consideration, celebrating ethnic and individual diversity.

Interested in Asian Blepharoplasty and Jaw Reduction in Beverly Hills, CA?

Dr. Lee specializes in Asian cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery, offering a range of services designed to maintain ethnic differences while giving patients their desired aesthetic. 

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