Define Your Face With Jaw Reduction

Jaw Reduction before and afterIn plastic surgery, it is important to understand that people of different ethnicities require unique treatments and techniques to help them achieve a balanced, natural appearance. Many Asian patients feel that their jawlines poorly affect the appearance of their face. The jawline may be prominent, out of proportion, or lack definition. Dr. Charles Lee offers both surgical and non-surgical jaw reduction to beautifully shape the appearance of his Asian patients’ faces.

Surgical Jaw Reduction (Jaw Shaving)

Jaw shaving is a surgical procedure designed to slim the appearance of the jaw. Dr. Lee creates incisions inside the mouth, which eliminates any outer visible scarring. Through this incision, Dr. Lee accesses the mandibular bone, which he shaves and reshapes. He then closes the incision with sutures.

It is common to experience postoperative swelling. Most people are able to return to work within nine days. By six months, most swelling should have subsided, and your final results should be visible.

Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction

In 1999, Dr. Lee pioneered the use in North America of BOTOX® Cosmetic to non-surgically reduce the jawline. Some patients choose non-surgical jaw reduction to minimize the potential risks. Dr. Lee injects BOTOX® Cosmetic into the enlarged muscle along the jawline. This muscle becomes weak and atrophies over several months, causing it to look smaller in appearance. Results aren’t as immediately noticeable with this procedure as they are with surgical jaw reduction. Instead, it may take up to three months before the ideal results can be seen. However, this technique is non-invasive and requires no downtime.

If you desire a slimmer or better-defined jawline to help restore a more balanced facial appearance, schedule your consultation with Dr. Charles Lee today. Contact our office at (310) 271-5954 or fill out our online contact form for additional information.

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