How Plastic Surgery Can Improve Asian Male Facial Features

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Contrary to popular belief, facial surgery is not only for women; it can benefit men as well. 

Dr. Lee understands the complexity of the Asian facial structure and works to provide both men and women with an appearance they can be proud of. As an Asian male, you may be wondering what facial plastic surgery procedures you can benefit from. 

Dr. Lee offers many facial procedures that can benefit Asian men with various aesthetic goals. 

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Are Most Beneficial to Men?

1. Cheek Reduction 

Cheek reduction surgery is a common surgical procedure among Asian women. However, many men can also benefit from this surgery. Cheek reduction surgery minimizes the size and width of the patient’s cheeks to create a more defined bone structure. Some people have naturally chubby cheeks that can be impossible to eliminate even with proper diet and exercise. 

Cheek reduction minimizes the look of chubby cheeks, providing male patients with a more masculine appearance. Additionally, this surgery can bring out the jawline and improve the appearance of cheekbones. 

2. Chin Augmentation Surgery

Both chin implants and surgically moving the chin forward (sliding genioplasty) can also help provide Asian male patients with a masculine facial structure by helping to create a more prominent chin and jaw area. Many people associate a well-defined jawline with the ideal male facial structure. Dr. Lee can determine which one will work better for you.

Chin surgery can help create a more defined facial structure for Asian men by highlighting and increasing chin projection. This procedure can accentuate your facial contours by helping distinguish the neck from the chin and lower face.  

3. Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

Similar to some women, some Asian men believe that their nose is not flattering. Common concerns for many Asian rhinoplasty patients include flat nasal bridges, flared nostrils, and nostrils that spread and widen when they smile. These concerns are shared among men and women.  

The nose is a central aspect of the face and is often the first thing people notice. Since the nose is in the middle of the face, it is impossible to conceal, and it can be difficult to feel confident if you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose. 

Rhinoplasty surgery can help Asian men feel more comfortable with their appearance by reshaping and resizing the nose. Dr. Lee works to improve the nose’s appearance, making it more compatible with natural Asian facial features. 

4. Facelift 

Facelift surgery is no longer just for women. In recent years, an increasing number of men have undergone facelift surgery. 

Even with proper skincare, natural aging is inevitable and can take a toll on your facial appearance. Dr. Lee performs facelift surgery to help provide Asian patients with a younger, more rested facial appearance. Dr. Lee takes into consideration that Asian patients do not age in the same way as other races. He uses techniques that are specific to Asian patients to provide the best results. 

5. Brow Lift 

While facelift surgery targets the lower part of the face, brow lift surgery works to eliminate aging signs in the forehead and eyelids. Many Asian men experience drooping brows and heavy eyes as early as 30 years old. This aging can create the appearance that you are tired or angry. Brow lift surgery eliminates wrinkles of the forehead and lift the eyebrows higher on the face, while also pulling up the eyelids for a fresher appearance. This creates a younger-looking appearance that Asian men can feel confident with. 

Interested in Learning More? 

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